Orange State Partners investment criteria is “value-add” and “opportunistic” residential and commercial properties in major growth areas of Florida in the $7-$50 million range that have significant potential for appreciation. We love Florida because of our local knowledge, relationships and its growth history. We prefer the strike or asset costs range because we feel it provides us with enough size to gain economies of scale and minimizes the competition on the acquisition.

Our focused on real estate opportunities where value can be created through dedication, hard work, relationships, market knowledge, property repositioning, construction, aggressive leasing and controlling of expenses.

Our preferred asset hold period is three to seven years before selling, which we find appropriate to achieve the projected internal rate of return and fully realize the value of each asset.

Orange State Partners invests in development, construction and acquisition of real estate that have limited downside risk, while seeking to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns with upside potential through development, construction, capital appreciation or repositioning, with a particular focus on Florida.

Our goal is to provide superior risk adjusted returns for high net-worth individuals and family offices. We accomplish this through comprehensive strategies, rigorous underwriting, and careful execution. Our role is to continually improve operational performance to increase property value through the lifecycle of an asset. Our fully managed solution is designed to mitigate risk and manage costs to enhance returns on investment.

Orange State Partners pursues a disciplined real estate investment approach identifying attractive opportunities with upside potential and controllable downside protection. Orange State Partners utilizes rigorous due diligence, conservative assumptions and careful assessment of downside scenarios before acquiring a property.

  • Capital preservation and attractive risk-adjusted returns
  • Create long-term value through execution and a hands-on asset management approach
  • Align interests between principals and investors through transparency and significant capital commitment
  • Target investment themes based on macroeconomic and real estate market trends
  • Identify mispriced opportunities not recognized by the broader market

  • Opportunities focused on value creation as opposed to "quick flips"
  • Properties that are under-managed or under-capitalized
  • Opportunities mispriced or undetected by the current market
  • Continuation of successful investment practice in all property types
  • Maximize returns by adding value through ability to take control of properties
  • Maximize returns though product knowledge through experience
  • Maximize returns through development and construction
  • Fund redevelopment capital necessary to convert properties to their highest and best uses
  • Target well- located, infill locations with excellent thruway access
  • Discounted to replacement value, typically require some redevelopment component
  • Location or physical characteristics demonstrate little or no functional obsolescence
  • Utilize internal cost control advantages to optimize net effective rents and maximize values
  • Typically avoid institutional competitor by remaining entrepreneurial and creative
  • Develop multiple exit strategies with public/private buyers in desirable markets
  • Create value through alignment with strategic partners