Orange State Partners is a real estate investment firm with more than 35 years of experience of industry experience and reputation. The firm’s portfolio comprises assets across the investment risk spectrum, including development, construction and value-added industrial, office, retail and residential properties.

Orange State Partners is a privately-held real estate investment and operating company, based in Miami, Florida with a primarily focus on properties in Florida.

Orange State Partners has decades of experience in various aspects of commercial and residential real estate, including development, leasing, construction, structured finance, and management. We excel in both value creation opportunities, using our leasing and asset management skills, as well as more complex development projects involving entitlement initiatives, re-zoning, and repositioning of existing buildings. This experience enhances our ability to develop properties to their highest and best use, evaluate opportunities, assess risk, and create value.

Our management style and approach to each project is hands-on, which is the only way we can responsibly safeguard and align our own resources and that of our investors, lenders, and industry partners.

At Orange State Partners, relationships are key to everything we do. We treat everyone with respect and integrity. We understand that meaningful relationships lead to knowledge sharing, investment and joint venture opportunities, project solutions, and trust.

Orange State Partners funds its projects through a variety of private vehicles and invest capital alongside our investors and joint venture partners. For more than 35 years we have been structuring partnerships through private syndications. Our track record of returns on investment and relationships in Florida are unrivaled.

At Orange State Partners we place our role as fiduciaries above all other considerations. We recognize that when investors or lenders provide us with capital, they are entrusting us to make the right decisions, work hard, put our investors first and to be transparent in all matters of importance. Our goal every day is to strive to reward those that have entrusted us and this trust is the singular force that inspires our dedication towards performance.



Brandon Lurie, a native of the Miami area, brings a vast real estate and finance background to Orange State Partners. Mr. Lurie gained his experience in real estate from 1985 to 1995, as President of Aura Group Inc., a full-service South Florida real estate acquisition, development, construction and management company. Some of the projects Mr. Lurie was involved include: development of Corporate Park at Kendall, a 31-acre office/industrial park; Kings Meadows, a 620-acre PUD in West Kendall Florida; Shady Oaks, a 320-acre and the development of 1,300-unit DRI project located in Ocala, Florida.

In addition, Mr. Lurie has been responsible for overseeing 100's of thousands square feet of multi-tenant warehouse and office space and the acquisitions, development and sales 1,000’s of acres of developed and undeveloped land throughout Florida. Mr. Lurie was also responsible for sales and acquisitions, including the sales and acquisition of several commercial and residential properties located throughout the state of Florida and is currently owner with partners of several commercial properties and two 5,000+/- sf sit-down full-service restaurants located in South Florida.